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Of course, there exists some record of Esther Eng, otherwise I would not be doing this site. The Hong Kong Film Archive is a vital repository for such materials since Ng Kam-ha, as a prominent figure in HK cinema of the 1930s, "belongs" to both China's Hong Kong and her native America. What follows is no more than a select list of sources and people who have acknowledged at least some of her work.

Institutions and writers that have noted Esther Eng's contribution to cinema include: The Hong Kong Film Archive in Sai Wan Ho (in Chinese too); Todd McCarthy [see his "Eng's lost pix a Chinese puzzle" in Variety, Aug. 21-27, 1995, pp 10,15]; catalogs of the American Film Institute (covering 3 of her American-made films); the New Yotk State Archives. See also the author's articles on Esther Eng, including the June 2006 edition of Women of China  (June 2006, English edition, Beijing) and his 40th anniversary tribute to Esther published by China Daily at http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/hkedition/2010-01/23/content_9365379.htm He also wrote (as sole author) Chapter 5 (on Esther Eng) in the book Hong Kong Cinema: a Cross Cultural View (Scarecrow Press, US, 2004) a history of HK cinema co-authored with Law Kar and Sam Ho.

Apart from contemporary newspapers (e.g., in Hong Kong, USA and Cuba) some comprehensive film encyclopedias and cinema studies acknowledge Esther's existence. I am currently preparing a select list of these books and sources.

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